Step 50 – Testing the Caching VSSCORM 1.2 RTE

Time to run a few tests. I start with the test case that I’ve been using since Step 3. Just to make sure that everything is working, I run it part-way through then close the window using the ‘x’ at the top of the window to make sure that my LMSCommit() and LMSFinish() calls are operating as expected.

The Test Course

It works as I’d hoped. It’s difficult to gauge any speed improvements because of intentional (i.e. developer-programmed) time delays in the Flash file(s) while they’re displaying. The display time is also affected by server-side caching of files. But it would be fair to say that it seems slightly more responsive, especially when displaying the application simulation exercise. And, when I look at the database contents after closing the window, this is what I see:

varName varValue
adlcp:masteryscore 0 credit
cmi.core.lesson_location 3
cmi.core.lesson_status failed
cmi.core.score.raw 25
cmi.core.score._children raw
cmi.core.session_time 00:00:22
cmi.core.student_id 007
cmi.core.student_name Addison, Steve
cmi.core.total_time 0000:00:22
cmi.core._children student_id,student_name,lesson_location, …
cmi.suspend_data D01BA000CA%7E%24VS%2AKcfuG110BBBB1 …

Closing the window manually (rather than using an exit button in the course) has called LMSFinish() and triggered the finish.php code correctly, and things look as I’d expected.

Now I try the problem course that I mentioned in Step 43. I can’t show you the course because it’s client-specific, but the speed improvement seems to be significant. Once again, it’s difficult to get an exact figure, but I’d say that page loads (including SCORM API calls by the SCO) were at least 2 to 3 times faster – perhaps even more.

Although not definitive, I think that’s fairly reassuring. Next time, I’ll post a copy of the code for you to play around with, and you can tell me if you see similar results.

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2 Responses to Step 50 – Testing the Caching VSSCORM 1.2 RTE

  1. vanjeer says:

    Just to share: the firebug extension called jiffy is good to visualize scripts performance differences.

    Someone can try and post the difference here.

  2. Steve Addison says:

    Thanks! I’ll try it out.

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