Download VS SCORM 1.2 Manifest Reader Rev 1.1

A reader has identified a problem with Rev 1.0 of the IMS Manifest File Reader which causes the parser to fail when there’s a resource that doesn’t have any files associated with it. Rev 1.1 corrects this bug. The only changes are to the resolveIMSManifestDependencies() function in subs.php, and deal with the case where $file is not an array.

You can download the code bundle using this link.


All other details – including system requirements – are the same as for Rev 1.0.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Buenas noches. Debido a algfan motvio ya no coinciden los modulos que se descargan con las versiones indicadas, estoy en lo correcto o yo estoy haciendo algo mal?Un saludo.

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