Download VS SCORM 1.2 Manifest Reader Rev 1.0

This code bundle is a LOT simpler than the bundle for the VSSCORM 1.2 RTE (Run-Time Environment) that I posted a couple of months ago. It consists of 2 files:

  • subs.php which contains all of the code that does the parsing and analysis of the manifest file
  • index.php which simply provides you with a way to run the code and display the output in a test environment

In other words, if you wanted to incorporate the code into a real system, you would only need the content of subs.php.

The system requirements for running this code are pretty simple – you just need to have PHP 5 or above (PHP 4 doesn’t support the DOM extension that I’m using to parse the XML manifest file).

To help you get started, I’ve also included the 2 sample manifest files that I’ve been using.

You can download the code bundle using this link.


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2 Responses to Download VS SCORM 1.2 Manifest Reader Rev 1.0

  1. mike.jupp says:

    This series is excellent and gives a good understanding of how SCORM content talks to the IMS. I hope this latest addition will be developed to show how course data might be stored in the IMS database and perhaps how the files of the SCO can be uploaded.

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