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Step 1 – Getting Started … The RTE Frameset

The ‘Run Time Environment’ (or RTE) is the part of SCORM that specifies how the course will talk to the learning management system (LMS). The other part – the Content Aggregation Model (or CAM) – specifies how the course should … Continue reading

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Background Reading

SCORM – the Shareable Common Object Reference Model – started as an initiative from the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL – part of the US Department of Defense) – and built on earlier projects such as AICC. The ADL website … Continue reading

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Start Reading Here … Some Ground Rules

OK – it’s time to get started. I’m going to set a few ground rules to bound the problem a little better. I’m going to limit the investigation to SCORM 1.2. There’s not many people using versions of SCORM earlier … Continue reading

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