Step 25 – Review Table of Mandatory Data Elements

Time to review the list of mandatory SCORM 1.2 data elements that I created in Step 19. The table shows:

  • the name of the data element;
  • is it readable;
  • is it writeable;
  • the format of the data; and
  • the initial value for the element.

You’ll see that I’ve added a ‘dummy’ element called adlcp:masteryscore to store the value (if any) set in the IMS manifest file that’s used when setting cmi.core.lesson_status after LMSFinish() is called. You could argue that this should really be stored in the (optional) cmi.student_data.mastery_score data element, but I don’t want to support any of the optional data elements right now.

You’ll also see that I’ve highlighted 4 elements that require initialization from data that’s stored in the LMS – either student information (name and student ID) or data from the IMS manifest file that’s read during the upload and installation of the content aggregation (course) package. Handling these values will be the subject of my next post.

Element Name Read Write Type Initial Value
cmi.core._children   Str 255 ‘student_id,student_name,
Student Information from the LMS
cmi.core.student_id   Identifier Initialized with data from the LMS
cmi.core.student_name   Str 255 Initialized with data from the LMS
Progress and Completion Tracking
cmi.core.lesson_location Str 255 An empty string   Vocab ‘credit’ or ‘no-credit’
cmi.core.lesson_status Vocab ‘not attempted’
cmi.core.entry   Vocab ‘ab initio’
cmi.core.exit   Vocab Initialization not required ? write-only
Seat Time
cmi.core.total_time   Timespan ‘0000:00:00.00’
cmi.core.session_time   Timespan Initialization not required ? write-only
cmi.core.score._children   Str 255 ‘raw’
cmi.core.score.raw Decimal/Blank An empty string
adlcp:masteryscore   Decimal/Blank Initialized with data from the LMS
Suspend & (Re-)Launch Data
cmi.suspend_data Char 4096 An empty string
cmi.launch_data   Char 4096 Initialized with data from the LMS
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3 Responses to Step 25 – Review Table of Mandatory Data Elements

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  2. Rob says:

    Thank you very much for posting your adventures with the SCORM RTE. I found this guide to be fast, friendly and very helpful. I also visited your portal on LM-Light. I love the idea.

  3. Joselyn says:

    I was able to set up a chat room where students could visit at a dgtaenised time either every day or once a week. I did not see an option for linking Skype. How are you able to use Skype through Moodle?

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