Step 19 – Quick Review of the Mandatory Data Elements

OK … I’m going to take a quick look to see how far I’ve got through the mandatory data elements. Here’s a list abstracted fron the SCORM 1.2 standard that shows (from left to right):

  • if I’ve addressed it;
  • the name of the data element;
  • is it readable;
  • is it writeable;
  • the format of the data; and
  • the initial value for the element.

Done Element Name Read Write Type Initial Value
Y cmi.core._children   Str 255 ‘student_id,student_name,
Student Information from the LMS
Y cmi.core.student_id   Identifier Set by LMS student registration system.
Y cmi.core.student_name   Str 255 Set by LMS student registration system.
Progress and Completion Tracking
  cmi.core.lesson_location Str 255 An empty string   Vocab ‘credit’ or ‘no-credit’
  cmi.core.lesson_status Vocab ‘not attempted’
  cmi.core.entry   Vocab ‘ab initio’
  cmi.core.exit   Vocab Initialization not required ? write-only
Seat Time
Y cmi.core.total_time   Timespan ‘0000:00:00.00’
Y cmi.core.session_time   Timespan Initialization not required ? write-only
Y cmi.core.score._children   Str 255 ‘raw’
Y cmi.core.score.raw Decimal/Blank An empty string
Suspend & (Re-)Launch Data
  cmi.suspend_data Char 4096 An empty string
  cmi.launch_data   Char 4096 A value read from the IMS manifest file

Only 2 more areas to review – progress and completion tracking, and suspend and launch data.

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