Step 16 – Read-Only Elements and LMSSetValue

When reading the last post, you might have wondered why I didn’t do anything about the LMSSetValue() API call and associated server-side code since cmi.core._children, cmi.core.student_name and cmi.core.student_id data elements are all specified as read-only elements.

The simple answer is that I really don’t care if the course (in contravention of the SCORM standard) sets these values. My setValue.php code will just dump the data into the scormvars database table where it will do absolutely nothing, and my getValue.php code has been set up to return the correct values – “student_id,student_name,lesson_location,credit,lesson_status,entry,score,total_time,exit,session_time”, “Addison, Steve” and “007” in my “imaginary” LMS, or values from the main LMS database if I was to use this in a real application.

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